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Nirvana John & Yoko Sub Pop NFTee

This is our first NFTee drop. For drop #2 we want to compile and digitize grails in your closet. If you are interested in partaking in NFTee drop #2 reach out to us either by email or DM. We are only looking for tees that have a special origin story and we are only looking for the best of the best! See you on the Web3.

The purchaser will receive both the physical shirt and an NFT. The NFT is the digitized and legally-binding property title for the shirt. Attached to the shirt will be a unique QR code verifying the authenticity of the shirt alongside the NFT counterpart. The “Two Virgins” band tee is a size large and in flawless condition. More photos of the physical item can be found on or @Bidstitch on Instagram.

Nirvana’s infamous “Two Virgins” Promo tee. Purchased at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1990 directly from bassist and Nirvana founding member, Krist Novoselic. The NFT features the iconic imagery with Sub Pop’s Co- Founders Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman superimposed on the bodies of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The “Two Virgins” photoshoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz served as the original source for the now infamous parody tee by the band. Artistry and a healthy dose of meta-level absurdity have taken Nirvana, and their earliest merchandise to skyrocket in value. This NFTee comes full circle as a derivative work whose origins stemmed from the recreation of an iconic image, and has taken us to yet another manifestation of an image whose meaning and iconography change as Nirvana’s influence continues to grow.