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About BidStitch

It’s about 3:00 a.m in a Houston airport. The flight just got cancelled, mounting to further stress for the inevitable BIDSTITCH launch. We’ve got about 48 hours until go-time. A developer just sent me a text asking for content on an “About us” Section. “About us?” I thought to myself… “why would people care about us?” With that in mind, I guess we are compelled to write this.



In 2020, at the height of the growing pandemic life seemed to be at its craziest. Throughout that period, we noticed something special happening. Kids who had been let down from their minimum wage jobs were emerging out of nowhere selling their old shit. It was really special seeing this outgrowth of entrepreneurialism from a group of young adults forced to continue paying bills, tuition, and rent.

It was really special seeing these kids, against all odds, try to build a business. Despite how awesome it was witnessing this, we also noticed something truly terrible. In the middle of the coronavirus young businesspeople were being subjected to fees structures from the largest marketplaces that bordered on predatory. In the middle of the pandemic, many of these marketplaces that claimed they were “for the people,” were raising fees on kids who could barely pay rent. We saw fees being raised to 13%, 15%, and 20% off the top of any transactions. To be completely honest: those rates were fucked up, and the way they were treating their users wasn’t right.

We got together and said: maybe we can change the status quo. To what form of alcohol or drugs you can attribute something so bold, we still don’t know. But we thought, lets give it a try. So for the next 7 months we’ve been working our assess off to get this off the ground. Our idea was simple, one subscription-based fee structure that enabled sellers to build a successful business, and allowed us to offer a truly superior product.

Things have been bumpy in the leadup. To be honest, none of us expected the traction this project would get. Maybe we underestimated how widespread our message would travel. With that in mind we will do everything in our power to ensure that young people get a voice, and get a fair shake. Is this grand undertaking going to work? Who knows. But at least we can say we tried. At least we can take pride in that face that we tried to change things for the better.

No matter what happens, we will continue to keep working. Our promise to you is that we will always keep your interests in our hearts, and we will push the boundaries of what is possible no matter what.


Lundon Attisha
Drew Heifetz
Terren Urlacher