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[accordion-item title=”How are transactions handled?”]

Transactions are handled between the seller and the buyer. BIDSTITCH is a company that drives interactions between users with the goal of fostering transactions. However, BIDSTITCH is not involved in the transactions between seller and buyer.

[accordion-item title=”Is Paypal involved in transactions?”]

Paypal facilitates all vendor and buyer transactions on the platform.

[accordion-item title=”Does BIDSTITCH charge any fees?”]

BIDSTITCH imposes no transaction fees. Paypal’s involvement in the platform’s transactions does mean that Paypal fee’s will be included in the final price.

[accordion-item title=”How does Bidstitch make any money?”]

BIDSTITCH charges a subscription fee for vendors to use the selling platform. BIDSTITCH imposes no transaction fees from any business dealings occurring on the site.

[accordion-item title=”How do binding offers work?”]

Binding offers are a means to ensure the integrity of the negotiation process. If a prospective buyer intends on making an offer for a “buy now” listing, the offer will be binding and, if accepted by the vendor, the money will be directly transferred to the vendors account.

[accordion-item title=”Where do I put my Paypal email?”]

During the registration process, users will be prompted to include an email address. This email address will be the email address connected to your PayPal account for purposes of receiving funds as a seller. Make sure you have a Paypal account prior to registration.

[accordion-item title=”How is shipping handled?”]

Shipping is conducted via flat rate and setup by the vendor. The vendor can change their shipping preferences in the “shipping settings” under “my store.” In the majority of cases, the seller inputs a flat fee for transactions and the cost of shipping is included in the final price for the buyer.

[accordion-item title=”What if there is a dispute between buyer and seller?”]

All disputes are handled through the Paypal resolution center. If you are involved in a dispute be sure to inform the Paypal resolution center of your issue.

[accordion-item title=”What if I want to cancel my subscription?”]

Subscriptions cancelled will result in the termination of the next period billing cycle. If a subscription is cancelled in the middle of a subscription, the user will not get a refund for the current month. The user will simply not have their paying method charged for the next billing cycle.

[accordion-item title=”Do you guys have an app?”]

Not yet, but soon.

[accordion-item title=”Who has to subscribe? Sellers and/or buyers?”]

ONLY SELLERS need to subscribe.