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A Couch Made From Recycled Vintage Tees?

The Thread

Popular sleep and lifestyle brand, Floyd, recently announced their new two piece sectional couch with Boucle fabric, which is made from 80% recycled cotton. This recycled cotton is taking specifically from clothing that is destined for landfills. Basically the same stuff that is being processed through every raghouse in the country. Now of course the couch is not being made from exclusively vintage tees, but since Floyd is using textiles meant for the landfill, anything could be cut up for these couches. We’ll never know if its a worthless tourist shirt or an expensive rap tee, but there’s got to be some vintage in those couches. Although it’s awesome to see Floyd taking more sustainable routes to making their products, a little piece of us is sad that maybe some great vintage got shredded into scrap fabric.

Check out Floyd’s website for more info on their sectional couch and Boucle fabric.

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