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An Entire Book Dedicated to the Fashion of Seinfeld

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it’s Gore-tex Jerry. You Know About Goretex?

Seinfeld has continued to stay culturally relevant even after 20+ years since its final episode. The humor and witty comedy still strikes a chord with people both old and young. Another thing that has managed to stand the test of time in Seinfeld is the fashion. In somewhat of a renaissance, Seinfeld style and fashion has continued to be the inspiration for many outfits, collections and even some brands like Aime Leon Dore. A member of the vintage community, @rood.boi , has put together a book highlighting the clothing that is seen throughout the series, which includes many awesome vintage pieces. We spoke with Patrick, AKA Rood Boi to hear more about the book, “Clothing in a Show About Nothing”, and his inspiration behind it.

Who are you?

“My name is Patrick Rood also known as Rood Boi. I live in Los Angeles, CA. My IG is @rood.boi & website is http::/

What was your inspiration for the book?

“I’ve always wanted to make some sort of Seinfeld fan zine. I was discussing some of those ideas with my friend Lindsay and she mentioned her idea solely based around the clothing in Seinfeld and from there I was off!”

How was the process of compiling all the images? Did you have to rewatch all the episodes?


“I did have to watch em all! Ha! I would kinda skim through some scenes if I saw there wasn’t anything interesting. But yeah I went through each episode from start to finish. Luckily during the editing process, Seinfeld was off of Hulu and waiting to be up on Netflix, and once it was back up on Netflix I couldn’t watch until the book was done. I was terrified I’d see all these interesting looks I had missed.”

Why do you think Seinfeld fashion seems to be making a resurgence with a lot of Millennials and Gen Z?

“I remember listening to commentary on some of the episodes and someone said the goal is for the wardrobe to be timeless and although it looks definitely 90s, the timelessness comes through in the fact that yeah, people are gonna look to it and think its interesting, easy & quirky. I think the resurgence really comes from different generation discovering the show and taking little pieces of the characters into their own wardrobe and even personas. I think mostly Jerry & George. I don’t really see too many Kramer looks on the kids these days.”

Do you think Seinfeld was always aspiring to be fashionable or is it’s appeal in its irony?

“I think fashion or style in the show really only stood out for a joke. It was probably the last important thing they thought about unless there was a punchline. They really wanted the fashion to be the undercurrent, slow and steady and ready for the big wave of a joke when it was time.”

What are some go to pieces when you think of Seinfeld fashion? What articles of clothing stick out to you most?

“Aside from the stand out pieces used for humor (puffy shirt, Gore Tex Jacket, etc)  The style around George and Kramer were so specific and consistent throughout the series. George wearing a lot of LL Bean or J Crew jackets with Nike Cortez and Kramer wearing vintage from the 60s and 70s. I think about Kramers button down shirts a lot. Also really cool to see Jerrys love for sneakers throughout the series, wearing a full spectrum of Nike sneaks.”

Any issues with licensing images from Seinfeld?

“Oh I did not license any and am awaiting a Cease & Desist any day now from Castle Rock / NBC. Haha. I only made 100 copies, so pretty under the radar. Maybe that’ll be when I know Jerry has seen the book!”

Huge thanks to Patrick for taking the time out and talking with us! If you’re interested in purchasing the book, make sure to head over to his website!

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