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As a thank you to everyone that has supported us since our launch 3 months ago, and to CELEBRATE BEING IN FULL APP DEVELOPMENT, BIDSTITCH IS GOING FREE until our app is ready.

That means subscribers won’t be charged, and new members won’t have payment collected. We are going to use this period to strengthen our product, and focus on building our audience.

Thank you to everyone who supported and gave us a chance. With all of your help, we are one step closer to changing this space so that it benefits us as resellers. We went into this project with the goal of evening the playing field between resellers and the platforms they occupy. It was ambitious, and challenging. We are proud to say that we are one step closer to making that goal a reality. In time, we assure you that change will be had.

We are a small team working tirelessly to try and support our members. This is all possible because of you. We’re truly working nonstop to make the best possible platform we can.


Thank you.

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Dana Andreu
12 months ago
I signed up because of the "free" statement but now I'm being charged to open an account?
John Chiara
9 months ago
I can’t find the app anywhere