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eBay Announces New Live Shopping Platform

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eBay announced today that it’s launching eBay Live, a dedicated shopping platform that gives users a way to purchase products in a live and interactive environment. The new live experience is launching beta this month and its first live show just happened. The live featured mostly sports cards and related memorabilia, but it seems that eBay wants to open up live shopping to all products.

“Live events will invite shoppers to engage with products as if they’re in a traditional shop”, eBay says. The events will be accessible through the eBay app and through the web browser. Similar to Instagram Live and various other platforms, shoppers will be eligible to interact with the seller and purchase items live without waiting for auctions or buy it now listings.

eBay live shopping

We’ve seen countless new competitors enter the livestream shopping space, and now established companies like eBay, Facebook, Twitter and even Amazon have started to incorporate Livestream selling into their platforms. What these big companies have going for them is their already large user base, but they do tend to fall short in terms of user experience and design.

“eBay has always been the original home for trading cards and collectibles,” said Dawn Block, the vice president of collectibles, electronics and home at eBay, in a statement. “As the collector community grows, we’re offering a new live platform that combines an engaging environment with incredible ease, allowing our community to come together over shared interests and merchandise. Currently in beta, eBay Live will deliver a more streamlined, entertaining and sophisticated way for our community to connect, buy and sell.”

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