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Kanye Themed IG Live Plans to Sell Over $20,000 in Tees

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You may have saw an article we posted a little while ago about a Kanye themed IG Live that sold over $17,000 worth of tees. Well, that IG Live is back and its bigger than last time. Frank, @fnhvintage, and Max, @hawks.vtg, are setting up their second Kanye Live and are trying to shatter more records than their last live, looking to sell over $20,000 worth of Kanye tees. The live will take place tomorrow, May 26th, at 10PM EST on Instagram. We spoke with Frank to hear more about the live and how they plan to make it bigger and better than last time.

Who are you?
“My name is Frank aka @fnhvintage, from Harrisburg, PA. I’m currently an Economics major at University of Pittsburgh and I’ve been in vintage for just over 2 years now.”

For you how did you get into Kanye stuff?
“I’m a huge Kanye fan, and I don’t like a lot of new artists that people get into, but I really love Kanye. The first ever Kanye tee I got was the Gold Digger promo, and since then I was hooked. The art on Kanye tees are so dope and simple, and since everyone loves Kanye, everyone can rock with them.”

How do you source them?
“I have a guy that I’ve gotten a decent amount of pieces from. A lot of the pieces I’ve found have been from grinding online marketplaces like Ebay and grailed, refreshing every hour to find good deals and people to negotiate with. It’s a lot of grinding and spending time online but its a really good way to source if you don’t want to spend all day at the bins.”

So tell me about the second Kanye Live? What’s the same, what’s different?
“Last time I think we got to $17.3k in sales, this time we are shooting for $20k in sales. We’re gonna be giving away a thousand dollars worth of tees for free, and this time I wanted to diversify the prices of tees for sale. There will be claims for under a hundred, and we want everyone to be able to afford and find a tee they love. Theres a bigger range of prices and items for sale as we will also have many more recent Kanye albums like Yeezus and Donda. Me and @hawks.vtg may even be shaving our heads if we hit $20k.”

How many pieces will be for sale?
“Including everything we should have at least 60+ pieces of Kanye merch up for grabs in the live.”

What are some noteworthy pieces that will be running?
“The biggest grail will be the Godfather College Dropout tee in a 2XL. Hawks has a white Late Registration bear tee. We have the sitting College Dropout bear which is a rare one. Supposedly there have been rumors that there only 12 of these tees out there, but don’t take my word for it haha. We also have the fan club sketch bear, the Gold Digger promo and some Kanye Glow in The Dark Tour shorts, which you definitely don’t see everyday. We also have the Kanye Louis Vuitton Tees running on auction.”

Where can people watch the live?
“10PM Eastern, 7PM PST on Thursday May 26. Instagram Live with The Peoples Flea Hosted by @piratekingkev and @finalflamevintage.”

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