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Levi’s Type 1 Jacket Sells For $78,000 at Auction

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In a groundbreaking event that sent ripples through the fashion and vintage communities, Sotheby’s recently held an auction featuring rare and coveted items from the personal collection of renowned designer and streetwear pioneer, Hiroshi Fujiwara. The auction attracted enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world, eager to get their hands on a piece of history from the man often dubbed “the godfather of streetwear.”

One item that stole the spotlight at the auction was an original Levi’s Type 1 jacket, a true treasure of vintage Americana. The jacket, renowned for its historical significance and scarcity, fetched an astonishing price of 609,600 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars). When converted to USD, this impressive sum amounted to approximately $78,400 USD, leaving attendees and observers awe-struck.

The iconic Levi’s Type 1 jacket is widely regarded as a hallmark of denim craftsmanship, and the one featured in the Sotheby’s auction was no ordinary piece. Its history and provenance traced back to the personal wardrobe of Hiroshi Fujiwara himself, further elevating its allure and value. With such a prestigious background, it was expected that the bidding for this unique item would reach exceptional heights.

Ultimately, the winning bid came from a collaboration between two prominent figures in the vintage clothing community: BIDSTITCH Seller Kyle, founder of Golden State Vintage, and Zip Stevenson, a notable denim buyer with a reputation for unearthing remarkable pieces. Their joint venture to acquire this once-in-a-lifetime find demonstrates the passion and reverence enthusiasts have for pieces of such cultural significance.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, with his unparalleled influence on the worlds of streetwear, fashion, and design, has had a significant impact on popularizing vintage apparel among contemporary audiences. As a result, items connected to him have gained even greater allure, making this Levi’s Type 1 jacket an extraordinary find for collectors and fans alike.

It is essential to emphasize the rarity and exclusivity of original Type 1 Levi’s jackets. Even without the added provenance of being a part of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s collection, these jackets are already considered highly valuable and sought-after items in the vintage market. Authentic pieces from Levi’s early days command prices in the tens of thousands of dollars, with certain exceptional pieces exceeding even that.

The sale of this iconic Levi’s Type 1 jacket during the Sotheby’s auction has not only established a new benchmark for vintage denim collectibles but also reaffirmed the enduring appeal of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s contributions to contemporary fashion culture. His unique vision and design sensibility continue to resonate with generations of enthusiasts, making any item connected to him a prized possession.

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