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New eBay Report Shows Just How Fast Vintage Is Growing

The Thread

eBay’s 2022 Recommerce Report just came out and the numbers are staggering. With a survey of 4,500 people in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Australia, shows that 80% of Gen Z bought secondhand while nearly one in three sold second hand goods. The report shows that Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012) is the driving force behind this fundamental shift in buying trends. Of those surveyed, nearly 34% of buyers said that sustainability was the primary reason for recommerce. 

In 2021, eBay’s sellers delivered 2.7 billion in sales in pre owned apparel. Vintage and second hand clothing seem to be growing at an astounding pace on online marketplaces around the world. And the numbers seem to be benefiting not only sellers but also, eBay. Their full year revenue is up 17% to over $10 billion. eBay seems to believe that this new emphasis on second hand clothing and goods is here to stay. eBay says they plan to focus more of their core business model on secondhand apparel as Chef Sustainability Officer, Renee Morin said, “our ultimate goal is to be the thought leader in the space of recommerce.”

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