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The Best Rap Tee Haul of All Time?

The Thread

Earlier last week, @fullcourtlcassics broke Instagram by posting what may very well be the best deadstock rap tee haul of all time. Finding one rap tee is a bucket list item for most thrifters, but finding boxes and boxes full of the rarest rap tees in the world is truly a once in a billion find. After seeing the post, we spoke with @fullcourtclassics to hear more about how the find came about.

1. How long have you been working on this deal?

“I’ve been working this spot for over a decade. I purchased roughly 25 of them 10 yrs ago and just always knew there was more. “They would always tell me one day we will bring it all down” I tried everything to make it happen. Money, bribes, offered to do it myself, everything you can imagine”. 

2. How did this deal come about?

“Randomly walked in the spot 11 yrs ago and there was rap tees hanging. This was before I had instagram. Really wish I had photos from that first day”.

3. Is this the bigggest goldmine you’ve hit?

“Money wise yes. Level of cool shit I’d say it’s close if not the one.. during Covid my partner and I got into an old shoe store that had been in business since 1991. That one was crazy. If you scroll far down on my insta you can see the outcome of that. These 2 are def the biggest”. 

4. Tell us a bit about the guy you got it from

“It was a lady. And outside of my wife, family, and friends, she’s my favorite person on earth😂”

5. Okay everyone in the vintage community is wondering… dry rot? 😂

“8 tees were rotted. Those 8 were on the bottom in a ball. They’ve already been sold. The rest are good. They were flat layed carefully in a box and stored in a climate controlled warehouse. Thank god”.

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