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The Craziest Vintage Event in the World

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The Durango Vintage Festivus, hosted by Brit Eaton, is back again next week! The first Durango Vintage Festivus was held last year, and it was probably one of the wildest events we’ve ever seen. From camping out in the middle of the desert, to a 5,000 pound of vintage bulk sale, to the denim olympics, to a pair of 1800s Levi’s selling for almost $100,000 dollars, the Durango Vintage Festivus truly has it all.

Highlighted items from last years Festivus Auction

The Durango Vintage Festivus will take place next week from September 28 to October 1. The event is hosted in Aztec, New Mexico right on the border of Durango Colorado at a campground resort called Tico Time. Hundreds of Vintage dealers, collectors, enthusiasts and even brands will be making the trek down to Durango to see some of the rarest vintage items in the world. The Festivus is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and after the crazy things that happened last year, more people will be coming out this year to not miss out on the unforgettable experience.

This year the Durango Vintage Festivus looks to expand upon what made it so popular and multiply it by 100. A bigger bulk sale. A scavenger hunt for original buckle-back denim. A new and improved denim olympics. An auction with the actual OLDEST pair of Levi’s jeans in the entire world. Basically everything that made the first Festivus so special, but better. Brit Eaton is making it his mission to improve the Festivus this year and make it something truly special and unique.

The oldest Levi’s in the world on auction next week

The Festivus auction is usually what brings it the most hype. You may have seen headlines last year about a $76,000 pair of Levi’s that sold on auction, and that was actually from the Durango Vintage Festivus Live Auction. That pair of Levi’s Jeans were from the 1880’s, but the pair up for auction is truly the oldest pair of Levi’s in the world. Brit has gone on record to say “even if we do 100 more Festivus events, there will never be another with a pair of Levi’s this old”.

All this goes to show that the Durango Vintage Festivus is not an event you want to miss out on. But what if you can’t travel out to the middle of the desert in New Mexico to attend the event? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. BIDSTITCH and our live streaming partner app EZZE, will be attending the event every day, giving you FULL Livestream coverage of everything from the auctions, to the bulk pile sale, to the sale of the oldest Levi’s in the world. So make sure to download the EZZE Live app and make sure to follow BIDSTITCH so you don’t miss out on anything!

If you also want to get a taste for what the Durango Vintage Festivus is like, check out the full documentary we made on the event last year!

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