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Vintage 3D Emblem Harley Davidson Shirt Sells For $4,300

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This may just be one of the craziest Ebay sold listings we’ve ever seen. A vintage 3D Emblem Harley Davidson shirt just sold for $4,300. Yes you read that right. And you’re probably thinking that its another one of those fake Ebay sold comps, but we found the person who sold it, and they confirmed with us that the item did indeed sell and that the buyer did pay for it.

The seller is Instagram User @_bananasandwich who told us the story of how they found the $4,000 shirt:

“It was a Saturday in September. I was out all morning hitting yard sales with no luck so I decided to grab a late breakfast and call it a day. I was on my way home about two minutes away from my house when I noticed a small unassuming yard sale sign that was not there earlier that morning. I was pretty exhausted and very close to just going home because of how uneventful the rest of the morning had been, but I reluctantly made the decision to check it out, because you never know.

It turned out to be a yard sale/estate sale being conducted by the family and close neighbors, because the home owner passed away just days prior. I noticed most people just browsed the garage and the front yard. I asked if I could look inside the house and they said “sure”. Once inside I noticed a huge pile of clothes in a bedroom and asked if I could take a look. They gave me the ok. Long story short I left with two black trash bags full of vintage 80s/90s Harley and lots of random 80s mid. It was $60 for everything

The man quoted me $40 and I said how about $50? I only had twenties in my pocket so I just gave him $60 and told him to keep the change.I was seriously soooo close to not going to this sale.

In my opinion the hit on this tee is pretty ugly. It’s ironic that this is my biggest single flip ever”

The shirt, we can only image is incredibly sought after and popular due to the “HOG” Graphic which are always valuable on 3D Emblem prints. But this one also features the “ROAD REBEL” confederate flag graphic, and there’s a huge market of collectors that would pay for a piece like this.

Many of the largest 3D Emblem collectors reside in Asia, where there is a love and obsession for Harley-Davison/ USA Motorcycle culture. 3D Emblems are worth their weight in Gold, so this one we can only assume will make its way to Asia soon. The buyer confirmed with us that the package was being shipped to Oregon, but we can only assume its to a mail forwarding service that will then ship the package overseas. But hey, maybe we’re wrong and it’s a crazy American buyer who really wanted this shirt. We’re patiently waiting to find out more.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments over on our instagram page @BIDSTITCH.

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